Announcing the 2017 Reel Infatuation Blogathon!

Sometimes an experience is so much fun that you cannot wait to do it again. This impulse is one of the reasons why people keep revisiting amusement parks and beaches, museums and restaurants. The comfort of the familiar, when hitched to the promise of a fresh, unpredictable variation, is pretty thrilling to the average human.

We’re no different. Thus…

while a blogathon is marvelous, a yearly blogathon is one step  better on the scale from here to fabulous!

On that note, along with my co-hostess with the mostest, Ruth of Silver Screenings, I’m happy to announce the return of the Reel Infatuation Blogathon!

Help Lucy Spread the Word

It’s time to sharpen your pencils and start thinking about your favorite character crushes. They can come from film, television, or books. Remember: the character is the thing. We want to hear about specific character crushes, not generically dreamy performers. To learn more about the concept behind Reel Infatuation, go here. If you’re joining us for the first time this year, or would prefer to participate without writing a blog post, please check out last year’s blogathon announcement for pertinent details.

We will be updating this website and other social media accounts over the coming weeks, so please check back often to stay in the loop.

Ruth designed six blogathon banners for use on your blogs/social media platforms. We’ll be releasing them two at a time, because what would life (or cinema) be without a little anticipation and mystery?

First up? Darren McGavin and Gloria Swanson. Aren’t they purty?

Darren McGavin Reel Infatuation Banner

Gloria Swanson Reel Infatuation Banner



We hope you’re able to join us June 23-25!

**Thank you to Kristina of Speakeasy for making the sign up form and participant list**



71 thoughts on “Announcing the 2017 Reel Infatuation Blogathon!

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  4. Hi Submitted my idea – 5 men from the Dynasty soap, will be one post discussing each of them in a wee paragraph is that ok or should I concentrate on just the one character? Gill at Realweegiemidget Reviews x


  5. It is really hard to separate characters from the actors/actresses who portrayed them. For instance, do I really like Rianne Murtaugh (Danny Glover’s daughter in the Lethal Weapon series) or is it just that I think Traci Wolfe (the actress who portrayed her) is cute? On rare occasions I feel for some characters, with or without the attractiveness of the performer. My heart goes out to Sandy Kessler (played by Helen Slater) in “Ruthless People”, but I have an aversion to rehashing movies I’ve already reviewed. (Especially ones I only did a month or two ago…LOL) The same goes for Buttercup in “The Princess Bride”. Not sure if I’ll join this one yet. I have to come up with the perfect choice, and none is coming to mind yet. I’d prefer to do one on someone who is on screen for more than a few seconds in the movie… (i.e. Yvonne [Madeleine LeBeau] in “Casablanca”). I might stretch a point and choose a literary character, even it does stray from the format of my movie blog. I’ll get back to you on it.


    • Take your time! We hope that you decide to join us, but, if not, no worries!

      It is hard to separate performers from their roles, which is totally fine and expected. In fact, that is part of the fun! The only rule of Reel Infatuation is that people focus on a specific role or roles, and not focus on the general characteristics of a performer. Of course, some of those traits will be present in most of their roles. It’s definitely complicated, while also being really organic. You crush on who you crush on, even if you don’t always know why. We’ve definitely found the process of writing about these crushes to be really illuminating.


      • Does it have to be a crush, per se, or can it be an admiration for the character of said figure? I really admire the faith and love of Penelope for Odysseus in “The Odyssey”, so much so that I named my cat Ms. Penelope Weaver, and I can expound on the origin of Pennie’s (what I actually call my cat) full name in the post. The added bonus is, since it’s been years since I saw the TV adaptation of the story, I can avoid thinking it’s really Greta Scacchi (who played Penelope to Armand Assante’s Odysseus) on whom I am focused.


  6. I know this may sound crazy but now got a bit of a crush on Californication’s Hank Moody, is it ok to change my review choice again – promise this is definitely the last time xx Sorry . just too many good choices out there x


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  8. I’m not changing my entry (I already wrote it and scheduled it…) I was just thinking about a second entry, maybe. I just rewatched “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” I was thinking wow! Jessica Rabbit (get ready for the male sexist response…) Schwinnnng!


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  11. I was scheduled to post my Johnny Depp piece on Friday but my toddler has been very ill all week so it looks like I will have to withdraw from the blogathon. 🙁 Maybe next time. Very sorry for the inconvenience.


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